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Are you ready to discover Ludattica’s Creative Games for children?

Loads of original activities and high-quality contents inspired by the world of art and great artists, the tradition of origami and its expressive potential, and the manipulation and sensory experience of paints and model making. All designed to foster children’s inventiveness and encourage them to have fun experimenting.

Our Creative Games


An original line dedicated to the most famous paintings in the history of art. Each product is dedicated to a famous artist and contains a jigsaw puzzle of one of their masterpieces and a creative kit to test the creativity of young aspiring artists!

Easy origami

Loads of original and creative play activities to help stimulate the imagination of kids of all ages! Learn the art of origami, create origami scenes and find your inner artist!A product line that is designed to allow smaller children to learn about this noble and timeless art in an easy and fun way. This creative activity helps kids develop the ability to concentrate, fine motor skills and logic, as well as stimulate their imagination!

Craft set

Original sets that help small children express and develop their creativity in an easy and fun way, through modelling and combining different materials. These extremely high-quality creative toys contain artistic activities designed specifically for young budding artists!


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