Educational Games

Our educational games for children can talk!

Ludattica offers many activities of high educational value, aimed at helping children to learn and to develop and improve individual skills: language and communication skills; memory and concentration; respecting rules to improving the perception of one’s body.

Ludattica’s educational games focus on the child’s growth and future: this is why each product allows children to express themselves while exploring the world around them, stimulating their intelligence and encouraging autonomous learning.

Our Educational Games


A unique and original version of a great classic!

Ludattica’s Memogames help kids develop observation skills, train their memory and have fun with loads of cute animals and characters. The shaped tiles, beautifully illustrated images and designer box, make playing a special moment to be shared with the whole family.

Family games

Our family games are original and modern versions of the great classics. Adults and children can rediscover the pleasure of playing together and learning through play.

Theatre and Music

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and imagination?
These special educational games are a fun and original way to learn, helping children to discover and develop new skills. A range of activities to help children express their personalities, from a rhyming game to pretend play through theatre.

Card Games

Ludattica card games are designed to encourage adults and children to play together. Thanks to the practical box, you can play with them wherever and whenever you want. Letters, numbers and animals, but also works of art and emotions: our collection has something for everyone and guarantees fun for the whole family!

My town playset

Boxes that turn into a shop: inside there is a jigsaw puzzle and 3D accessories to assemble, all designed by Ludattica. A series of modular jigsaw puzzles of town settings. Collect them all and create a huge town!


Eight cute animals to build and play with wherever and whenever you want. The animals come in a felt bag that is an integral part of the game!


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