Ludattica dudù

A new line of Ludattica games, designed for kids, from 2 years of age !

Jigsaw puzzles, educational and creative games, designed to accompany children during the basic stages of their growth, since the early years

Ludattica Dudù Games

Dudù logic

A line of toys designed to develop small children’s logical matching skills. The packages include 10 beautifully illustrated mini jigsaw puzzles, consisting of 2 shaped pieces to match.

Ludo Ludattica

Dudù puzzle frame

Three shaped jigsaw puzzles designed for the youngest children. The three special guide bases, accurately illustrated, can become pictures to decorate the child’s room!
Ludo Ludattica

Baby puzzle collection

Eight jigsaw puzzles to complete and create fun characters! The pieces are double-sided so you can also create a beautifully illustrated picture. The jigsaw puzzles has been specially designed to develop the abilities of preschoolers, such as observation and handling skills.

Ludo Ludattica

Play Dudù

A fun line of educational games to train finemotor skills, visual-spatial skills, observation and logic of young children. The protagonists are many cute shaped animals to learn to recognize colors, sizes and shapes.

Ludo Ludattica

Crea dudù

Ludattica has designed three creative sets specifically for smaller children, in order to safely and effectively teach them the first basic elements of design, colours and composition.

Ludo Ludattica

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