Special Puzzle

Fantasy, travel, adventure, exploration.

The imagination can run wild with Ludattica’s jigsaw puzzles for children, at the same time improving memory, concentration, spatial perception, observation skills and knowledge of the world around us. Thanks to the specific characteristics of each jigsaw puzzle, such as the shape and thickness of the pieces and the beautiful, high-quality illustrations, kids can combine creativity and fun with the active development of personal skills.

Our Special Puzzle


After putting together Ludattica’s jigsaw puzzles, the fun continues by playing detective! Using the special wooden magnifying glass provided by Ludattica, you can uncover all the elements that are hidden in the picture! A fun and stimulating game suitable for both adults and children!

Secret Puzzle

Young explorers, aspiring detectives, budding artists. Ludattica’s range of toys is designed to improve cognitive and motor skills, spark the imagination and for having fun together. Our toys talk! Ludattica’s beautifully illustrated Jigsaw Puzzles have lots of hidden secrets to uncover with a special wooden magnifying glass.<


A surprising range of jigsaw puzzles with a multitude of very different scenes, to do with family or friends. Put the pieces together and discover new worlds, then let your imagination soar! Discover all the characters that Ludattica has created and then fantasise about their adventures


Ludattica’s truly gigantic Jigsaw Puzzles with sturdy cardboard pieces and loads of different pictures, are heaps of fun for both children and adults. The line is designed specifically for improving concentration and visuo-spatial abilities.


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