Who we are

What is our mission?

Making play and beauty the most important drivers of learning.

Who we are?

Ludattica has developed at the heart of the Educational Group, an Italian company that is specialised in the creation of books for children, play books and high-quality educational games.

Our roots are firmly anchored to Professor Giuseppe Lisciani, a highly experienced educationalist in the field of research and training in child learning strategies.

Alessandra Lisciani’s intuition and experience continues to give continuity to the foundations of the business.

Her team looks after the design, the choice of materials and the realisation of Ludattica products. The principle, which provides daily inspiration, comes from the awareness that our products have a fundamental role in determining the future of our children, their curiosity and their desire for discovery.

“The source of our inspiration has always been the extraordinary world of children and their natural and innate need to play in order to grow. ‘Play with me mummy!’, is what my daughter, Sofia, says to me every day…I might be stating the obvious, I know, but I realise that, more than anything else, satisfying her simple and spontaneous need makes her happy, satisfied, more helpful and calm.”

Learning and the improvement of an individual’s skills through recreational activities are the basis of the Ludattica project. The firm belief that learning is a game, is a way of life that fills our thoughts and our hearts.

Our games talk: they have been planned and designed to communicate with children and let them experience creative and unique recreational activities that are always different but always satisfying.

At the same time the games encourage children to share the experience with others. “Play with me!” becomes and invitation for a friend, a parent, a grandparent and so on.

Quality for us means working on details: choosing the best materials, taking care of contents, impeccable attention to illustrations and great attention to the detail of the finished product and its manufacture.

Our games respect nature because they are made with ecological and non-toxic components. We don’t like to waste materials and our supply chain aims to optimise efficient production cycles.

We are Italian artisans of games. We follow the whole process from conception to production, which takes place in Italy following meticulous safety standards.

The uniqueness, exclusivity and tradition of our Made in Italy games can be found in every Ludattica product.

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